A Story of Hate, Love, and Faith

by Darlene Watson

Publisher: Pearly Gates Publishing LLC

Publication Date: October 07, 2016

ISBN: 9781945117466

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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What to do when those you love and trust the most in life hate and see nothing good in you? How do you survive when the enemy attempts to destroy your life at every turn from a young age? How do you find strength to overcome when it seems like "Holy Hell" is breaking loose? Who can you confide and believe in to see you through?

Throughout her life, Author Darlene Watson was attacked time and again in ways that are unimaginable for most. Her very life was on the line almost daily. Buried alive. Molested. Gang-raped. Terminal breast cancer. Satanic worship - with her as the "sacrificial offering". Those are just a few of the situations she experienced and endured.

How did she overcome? What kept her sane when the world tried to destroy her mind, body, and spirit? She credits a praying grandmother with a love for God who taught and exposed her to the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. She learned that whenever she cried out to God, He was right there - loving and guiding her out of the darkness and into the light..

Today, Darlene is a survivor and champion for Christ. She overcame hatred. She embraced love. Her faith grew exponentially.

Read Darlene's riveting truths and know that you, too, can be free from the pains of the past when you let go and let God!