A Stop Along the Way

Spring Migration at Middle Creek
by Richard Sewalt & Mary (Mikki) Sewalt
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Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781449763855

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Mid-February, the air is cold, damp and turbulent. From the southeast a familiar cacophony of high pitched honking fills the air. The strength of the sounds grows more intense as the sky in the distance begins to appear spotted. Alas! The spring migration is under way. Flocks of Snow Geese begin pouring in to this small wildlife refuge. They range in size from just a few birds to thousands at a time. They migrate long distances and often fly at high altitudes in more of a wavy line or arc rather than the V of Canada Geese. Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is just A Stop Along The Way for these and many other waterfowl traveling the Atlantic Flyway as they return to their Arctic breeding grounds. A propagation area of 750+ acres surrounded by thousands of acres of State Game Land as well as farm fields provide an excellent stopover for migrating geese, swans and assorted ducks. Here they can rest from their long journey while feeding to build reserves before once again taking to the air as they continue their northern trek. This is a five year observation of Snow Geese, Tundra Swans and other fowl at Middle Creek.