A Spot to Perch

A Tortuous Journey to Citizenship
by Dr. Oliver Akamnonu
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781463433956

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They had initially made yearly vacation visits to the United States. Those were fun and relaxation times. But the monumental insecurity in their homeland coupled with disgust with the incessant mounting corruption and harassment from men in flowing robes and in uniform who were supposed to protect the citizens became so unbearable that the couple started surveying avenues for relocation to Gods Own Country.

When the opportunity finally came by, and the couple landed in Los Angeles airport they came to discover new challenges which they were to grapple with.
The belief that a perfect spot to perch had been found was soon to be soured by the saga of two apparently innocuous tubers of yams whose combined value was less than one dollar.
Even after the yams were confiscated and destroyed at the airport the aftermath of the violation was to replay nearly five years later when naturalization for citizenship of the United States was sought.

The enormous powers of two tubers of yams were greatly displayed as the applicants grappled with unforeseen situations which had sought to thwart the life-long desires of a couple to be participants of the promises of Gods own country.
Would the promise of realization of the American Dream succumb to the evil machinations of two inanimate tubers of yams?
Or would the justice and fair play in a country that prides itself with its trust in God; one that holds certain truths as self evident, once again proclaim its superiority over apparent trivialities in the Land of the free and the Home of the brave.