A Source of Wilderness Novice Survival Skills

by Donald F. Grantham
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781465317049

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Modern  man, or woman for that matter, from city, town, or farm  has

little knowledge of the real wilderness.  Many hunters, fisherfolk, joggers,

backpackers, hikes and adventures know how to handle a prepared path,

planned campsite or landscaped  trail but the real woods  were every  thing,

and I mean every thing is 'natural' they are lost. They have  never seen any

food walking around  or any plants out of a plastic package.  Thus off the

planned path they hit the panic button and may needlessly  die.

      A considerable number of people lost in the wilds die  every year

just because they did not have  the basic knowledge to survive.  A recent

example from the Western states was a group of people perished in the woods

with a host of good food all around.  They just didn't know what to eat as

they had never seen it growing in the ground.         Few of  today's

citizen  realize  they are never more than  a few seconds  from trouble as

their car rolls to a stop  many miles from civilization  with  a dead


      Every year many people buy a gun and  become hunters.  They know they

are hunters, they now have a hunting license.  The license gives them  no

knowledge of the woods, but they don't realize this until they get lost on

the first trip.   Some die. Some  get themselves out with just dumb luck and

fear to  ever  return, to  the  woods again   many hours of true fun have

been lost forever. This book could have helped save a life or made their

trip a fun adventure to be enjoyed again and again.

     This  book is full of basic information and  how to for the novice,

but the experienced outdoors person will find a wealth of useful information

here as well.  There are details on many different ways to live in the

outdoors with little   professional 'equipment'  some  may be new or a

little different to other books on the subject, to build a fire, break  in

boots, walk,

approach game, travel, ...