A Social History of Ancient Ireland

Treating of the Government, Military System, and Law; Religion, Learning and Art; Trades, Industries and Commerce; Manners, Customs and Domestic Life of the Ancient Irish People
by P. W. Joyce

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780259713555

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The fact that the husband paid the bride-price did not prevent the bride bringing goods or valuables of her own, if she had them. Any number of cases might be cited where the young woman brought jewels, or gold, or herds, or land: and after the marriage, these continued to be her own special property. Sometimes the friends of the young couple made a collection for them, which was called Tinot (i.e. Collection': pron. Tinnole), of which two-thirds belonged by law to the man, and one-third to the woman; This custom was common among high and low, and we meet with instances everywhere in the tales. Our present custom of making a young married couple presents is not unlike the old Irish tinnote.