A Simple Guide to Men's Health

by Kenneth Kee

Publisher: Kenneth Kee

Series: A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781301211111

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A male child becomes a boy and matures into a man.

He must learn to take care of his family just his father before him.

As he grows he will find that he must learn to be:

  1. Physically fit
  2. Mentally strong
  3. Emotionally balanced

A man learns as he grows.

He is not afraid to admit his mistakes. He learns from them.

He is willing to help all those who need his help.

He cares about those around him: his family, his friends and his colleagues.

He is willing to impart his knowledge to others and learns from others.

He is willing to learn everything: cooking, sewing, carpentry, painting.

He explores things and the world around him.

He is willing to find what make things works by breaking open a clock to see how it works, the parts of a personal computer or a telephone or even a television.

He is willing to work hard in order to support his family or himself.

He is good at his job. He puts his whole heart into his work.

A man loves his wife his soul mate. He revels in her nakedness.

He loves the sight of her breast, the contour of her body and her sexuality.

He is faithful to his wife and family.

He is willing to die for them.

That is what makes a man.
As he grows older, he grows in wisdom and takes good care of his health.


Chapter 1 Men's Health

Chapter 2 Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter 3 Premature Ejaculation

Chapter 4 Phimosis

Chapter 5 Balanitis

Chapter 6 Urethritis

Chapter 7 Epididymitis and Orchitis

Chapter 8 Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

Chapter 9 Urinary Incontinence

Chapter 10 Prostate Cancer

Chapter 11 Male Menopause

Chapter 12 Sexual Health