A Seriously Humorous Look at Dogs, Men and Sex.

by Oscar -Oz Benson

Publisher: Oscar -Oz Benson

Series: More Than Enough

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781311690968

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Dogs and men do have a lot in common. They both need sex a lot and are willing to fight to get some unless they are bound by political correctness! Whether people believe it or not the world works on needs more than on wants. Men's basic instinctual needs are not exactly like most people think and were told by their mommies. In fact many think that the number one basic need of men is sex. Won't you be excited to find out what it really is the number one need of men? Many women know that to give a man sex is to make the whole world turn a lot easier!!
Heroes of our society such as James Bond 007 and for you Dems, Mr. Bill Clinton, always get a lot of Sex. Why can't the average man be a little more like them? People all over the world are moving and engaging in what they believe to be culturally influenced life. However, in reality it is far more insidious than that. They are being exploited and manipulated at every turn and by many institutional means such as religion and corporate marketing but mostly by the state! Getting back to reality is not an easy task and yet it is so satisfying to feel your feet below you again and to know that the decision you just made is going to bring you a load of happiness. So jump right in here and set your love ambitions to soar!