A Second Book of Exciting Sentences

by Alan Peat & Mathew Sullivan

Publisher: Creative Educational Press Ltd

Publication Date: October 25, 2016

ISBN: 9781911169109

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A Second Book of Exciting Sentences contains 30 brand new sentence types! This time with direct links to both fiction and non-fiction genres.

Written by Alan Peat and Mathew Sullivan, this timely book is filled with practical ideas. Sharon Sesnan, the Headteacher at St.Richard’s R.C. Primary School, Manchester, explains how the ‘Writing Exciting Sentences’ approach has helped to improve writing standards at her school…

“The integration of Exciting Sentences as part of a whole school approach to writing has had a dramatic impact at St. Richard’s. Staff who have attended Alan’s training on the technique have returned to school motivated, confident and full of ideas to help pupils improve their literacy skills. As a result, in moderated writing last year 92% of pupils achieved Level 4 and above, 58% of which achieved Level 5 and above. In the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test, 91% of pupils achieved Level 4 and above, with 79% at Level 5 or higher. Furthermore, in our recent Ofsted report it was noted that – …a significant proportion of pupils are working at Level 6 in reading, writing and mathematics…The school is very effective in developing pupils’ writing skills. The integration and use of Exciting Sentences was undeniably a major contributory factor to the Literacy aspects of these results. Most importantly, the Exciting Sentences have increased pupil motivation and enjoyment in Literacy – pupils are excited to write due to increased confidence. This book provides an exciting opportunity for teachers and pupils to build on successes facilitated by the original Exciting Sentences, as well as a great ‘way in’ for first time users.”

A word from Alan Peat…

“In my first publication on this subject (‘Writing Exciting Sentences: Age 7 Plus‘, Creative Educational Press Ltd 2008) I explained that my intention was to  ‘…help pupils to write more varied sentences which engage and captivate the reader’.