Daybook Journals of Albrekt Lundquist 1910-1924
by Albrekt Lundquist
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Publication Date: January 19, 2018

ISBN: 9780999589212

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Imagine being 20 years old, leaving your home to go to another country—alone and unable to communicate!
This is the story of a young man leaving his home in Sweden to find the “streets of gold” in America.  There are seven journals that are rich in information about his journey.  It includes the cost of living during the early 1900's, both monetary and personal.  It is a story of hardship, disappointment, struggle, and limitless tenacity all done with a pragmatic sense of humor and eloquence.  Albrekt's experiences were full of topics which you will recognize from locations to politics to famous people to events and his opinions of the World War I for which he was drafted to fight for America.   
It is a running commentary in which he saw Sarah Bernhard perform, Axel Skovgaard play violin, a Tent revival with Dan Shannon, the Golden Gate Park and it's exhibits and museums, San Francisco's China Town, New York City and the Hippodrome. He describes Henry Ford's automobiles as they were beginning to be a part of American culture.  
You will read how life really was for immigrants from other countries at the beginning of the early 1900s---and it is a timely lesson for both immigrants and young people today who are also looking for those same “streets of gold”. These journals tell how things really haven't changed much from then to now in those same struggles when starting out a new life in another country and struggling to make a good living.