A Review of the Middle American Tree Frogs of the Genus Ptychohyla

by William Edward Duellman

Publisher: Kbook

Publication Date: April 19, 2017

ISBN: 1230001646559

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Probably no ecological group of hylid frogs (some Hyla plus Plectrohyla and Ptychohyla) in Middle America is so poorly known as those species that live in the cloud forests on steep mountain slopes and breed in cascading mountain streams. During the last half of the nineteenth century most of the species of hylids living in the lowlands of southern México and northern Central America were named and described. Despite the extensive collecting by Salvin and Godman, Nelson and Goldman, and the various expeditions of the Mission Scientifique, no members of the genus Ptychohyla were obtained until 1927, when in the mountains of El Salvador Ruben A. Stirton found a small tree frog that subsequently was described and named Hyla euthysanota by Kellogg (1928). Until recently frogs of this genus were known from few specimens and in the literature by nearly as many names.