A Reader's Companion Ii

3,500 Words and Phrases Avid Readers Should Know
by John L. Bowman
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781496923066

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A Readers Companion II offers a look at 3,500 uncommon words for avid readers. The Readers Companion series contains thousands of words and their definitions, helping to expand vocabulary, improve comprehension and increase reading speed. This is the second book in the series, and it includes literary, Latin, historic and philosophic words and phrases that advanced readers will commonly encounter. Some examples include: Nouns including abulia, bellibone, distaff, dragoman, eschatology, flapper, quidnunc and schandenfreude Literary adjectives such as chiliastic, scabrous, concomitant, eupeptic, purblind and noetic Ancient words like anent and Boeotian Philosophic concepts like counterfactual, the either/or fallacy and epiphenomenalism Latin phrases like a fortiori, credo quia absurdum est, dum vivimus vivamus and ignis fatuus Root words and derivatives including scrutable/inscrutable, eliminable/ineliminable and reck/reckless Interesting people like Condillac Word comparisons such as agnate and enate; cuckquean and cuckold; ethos, kakos and deilos; and exiguous, exegesis and exegete Historic phrases like Acorn Eater and Lotus Eater