A Practical Guide to Medicine and the Law

by J.P. Jackson
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Publisher: Springer London

Publication Date: October 02, 2015

ISBN: 9781447118633

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Legal action involving doctors, either as defendants or expert witnesses, has greatly increased over the past decade and few can now remain aloof from this aspect of their profession. Written by doctors (including five Council Members of the Medical Defence Union of Great Britain) and lawyers, this practical guide offers clear and comprehensive advice to all concerned. Part I discusses how to write medical reports, especially when consent is required or confidential information is involved. Part II covers contentious issues in various clinical specialties which repeatedly arise in litigation; well-known examples are cases involving whiplash injuries or perinatal brain damage. In Part III lawyers discuss the medico-legal problems of the solicitor's role, court testimony and medical negligence. This book is a valuable reference to all members of the medical profession. Lawyers, officials and others outside the medical profession who come into contact with medical litigation but have limited medical knowledge will find much helpful information.