A New Philosophical Classic: Theory of Love

by Sankar Sarkar
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: January 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781482814927

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Undoubtedly A New Philosophical Classic: Theory of Love is a new arrival on classic philosophy. It is written with new concept and innovative outlook and contains twenty two chapters which are singular and exceptional in tune. It includes 250 definitions of love. They bear pithy and panoramic vista. It explains also how love deserves the innermost support in life as an underlying force, and it also exists even in every atom and molecule of everything as causal attractive force to keep the whole of creation in motion. Especially it is significant for inventing Love Spectrum (BERIGHT) based on Solar Spectrum (VYBGIOR).This new innovative concept classically explained first in the world. Besides, What is Love Pill? What are the compositions of it? What is the history of love pill? Why love is best catalyst? Why love is energy? Why a single kiss equals to ten painkillers? How love is an invisible purified power or force that keeps not only life but also the wheel of creation speed up. However a little, this book will slake the parched heart of the different interested fond readers irrespective of caste and creed.