A Million Dollars in Change: How to Engage Your Employees, Attract Top Talent, and Make the World a Better Place

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Publication Date: March 05, 2018

ISBN: 9781634891042

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Is it possible to change the world one company at a time? Absolutely, and this book will show you how. Whether you're a CEO, a human resources professional, or a leader dedicated to making a difference, A Million Dollars in Change will show you how to help make your company a great place to work by making your community a better place to live. A guide to corporate giving that goes beyond ''checkbook philanthropy,'' the book provides a step-by-step plan for creating a giving program that engages employees and attracts talent to your company while at the same time forging measurable, impactful partnerships with nonprofits that serve your broader community. Drawing on the author's personal experience in creating a groundbreaking program at her own company, this accessible, easy-to-implement guide to corporate social responsibility proves that creating a million dollars in change doesn't have to cost a mint.

A Million Dollars in Change highlights the win-win nature of CSR programs: community organizations get much-needed support while companies grow employee engagement and brand visibility. Corporations have an opportunity--and a responsibility--to make an impact on the communities where their employees live and work, but many business leaders, fearing that the process will be expensive and antithetical to their company's bottom line, are deterred from creating community partnerships.

A Million Dollars in Change reveals how even small companies with limited budgets can make a measurable difference in their communities and energize their company's culture at the same time.

“Companies have the power to transform their communities. A Million Dollars in Change is an essential guide on how to embed core values of community, giving, and service into your corporate culture. An invaluable resource, filled with tips and relevant examples for creating a program that inspires and mobilizes employees to make a ...