A Message for Humanity

The Children of Autism Want You to Know 12 Things
by Janie Amaris Villarreal
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Publisher: Amaris Worldwide

Series: Amaris Heart Consciousness

Publication Date: September 11, 2018

ISBN: 9781732340213

Binding: Kobo eBook

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An invitation to change the energy that surrounds you. A Spiritual Approach to Autism offers a blueprint for their roles at this time. This is a vibration and frequency wellness book about healing and expanding the consciousness of the heart, individually and globally-the Heart of Humanity. The Children are here to assist human and planetary evolution during the Shifts of Awakening Humanity.

They are “Awakening Mind Consciousness of the Brain*,* to Mind Consciousness of the Heart.” This was revealed to me as “***Amaris Heart Consciousness***™.”

It is an organic book filled with revelations from God (Spirit, Creator, Source) with messages for humanity through The Children of Autism. Included are images and illustrations of differences that separate us AND keep us together. It offers insight into what The Children are communicating to humanity and the world.

The words and depictions translate into Activations and Light Transmissions from the Divine (God, Source, Creator, or the Divine of your heart). They initiate, heal, transform, and expand heart consciousness.

This book is filled with practical ideas to promote spirituality, healing, expansion of heart consciousness, and personal development. It's Natural Medicine for the Soul.

Amaris is an energetic gift to The Children–the presence and essence of God’s heart. She offers others the experience of knowing God.

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