A Man of Miracles

A True Story of Hope
by Jr. Michael B Duffy
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Publisher: Got Hope Ministries, Inc.

Publication Date: April 30, 2018

ISBN: 9781732207523

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This is my personal journey to find the reality and relevance of miracles.  EVERY WORD IS TRUE! Through my journey, I have come to realize that the problem with miracles is that they sometimes need to be pointed out to us.  The miracles I write about are not really about me at all.  They are all about you, the reader, using them to start seeing, and discovering the miracles that are occurring all around you every day.  I have found that miracles come to us in a totally different way than we might have ever realized before.  Because of that, we don’t recognize the reality of the miracles we receive, often without ever asking for them!


I have written to you in plain, conversational English. Not perfect grammar.  Not Bible-speak. I have written as we talk to one another, or at least how I talk, because in essence, this book is more a conversation than a narration.  As you grow into the book, you will feel as though this is an intimate dialogue just between you and me.  This is a book for people that need HOPE, who have lost HOPE, or don't even have a clue about what HOPE even is.  It is for those of us who really need a miracle! The ambition is, that this book will have you seeing real HOPE in your life by the time you turn the last page.  I wrote this book to encourage you to finally get started on your journey to the destination where I know you will find and receive true and lasting HOPE.  I realize that may seem hard to believe right now, but stick with me.  I have traveled the road you are on, and I have made it!  So will you.


This may seem odd for a pastor to say out loud, but I wrote this book to support all the broken people who are just as beaten spiritually as I have been so many times in my life.  A Man of Miracles is for all of us who have gotten discouraged, or who have had our faiths so badly bruised that it actually hurts to believe and trust in the gracious love of God anymore.  It is ...