A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Surviving a Grief Storm
by Sally Latimer
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Publisher: Sally Latimer

Publication Date: May 05, 2018

ISBN: 9780692120880

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Sally Latimer knows that “the cost of great love is grief.” In her memoir, A Light at the End of the Tunnel, her grief is expressed and her survival clearly addressed. She hopes by writing this book she can bring hope to others who are suffering, and to let them know there is help “out there.” -- -- --

"Sally’s book is filled with raw emotions. Sally honestly shares her personal experience with loss and courageously gives a glimpse into her difficult past."  --  Chevonna Gaylor, LMFT (Author of ‘The Emerging Healer’) -- -- -- 

"Sally Latimer has experienced a very full life. Most people would stumble and fall with the challenges she’s had. She was given away by her mother, subjected to incredible abuse, fought to protect her children, and then suffered the ultimate loss... that of a child. Her story of rising stronger, reminds us that resilience lives inside us all, and when we find meaning from our difficulties, we can triumph from our tragedies. Sally’s compelling story is truly an inspiration and a testament to the strength of a woman who will stop at nothing to provide a life for her family."  -- Sandy Peckinpah (Best-selling Author, Actress, Producer)