A Killer in the Family

by Howard Amanda

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: December 01, 2013

ISBN: 9781742574547

Binding: Paperback

Availability: One-off Print

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Amanda Howard tells the stories of the world's most depraved killers - and their families.In these incredible accounts of violence, psychosis and love gone wrong, writer Amanda Howard raises the frightening question of whether a monster is born or made. The twisted minds of notorious murderers are revealed, including Ted Bundy, a serial murderer of women, whose home life was a source of pain; the Menendez brothers, who killed their parents in order to claim an inheritance; and Melinda Loveless, an abused teenager, who callously murdered a 12-year-old girl. The pasts of these killers were often full of trauma, which contributed to their love of violence. While some killed their own parents, partners or children, others worked together with their relatives to commit terrible crimes. In many cases, family members were left bewildered and devastated that their loved ones could be capable of such atrocities. A Killer in the Family gives a disturbing, fascinating insight into the minds of murderers, and the families in which they were raised.