A Horse in the Morning

by Roger Ley

Publisher: Roger Ley

Publication Date: July 23, 2015

ISBN: 9781515120858

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Roger Ley was born in 1949, in a suburb of north London. He begins by telling us of his brief childhood interaction with the British Royal Family, his acting with the comedian Tony Hancock and his dramatic encounter with the racing driver Graham Hill. During his early teens he attends school in a war zone in Saudi Arabia, and is charged by an elephant while camping in East Africa. The Sixties finds him fending off the ‘Angel of Death’ and ,having learned to pilot a plane, he is unsuccessful in his application to join NASA as an astronaut. He seeks adventure by working as an engineer in the oil fields of both North Africa and the North Sea, from where he brings us stories of fatal fires and explosions, Norwegian call girls, Libyan prison cells and the art of illegal alcohol production with the help of the covert oil company publication ‘The Blue Flame.’ As he moves from youth to maturity, we are introduced to the arcane art of dowsing, the trials of fatherhood, teaching and, finally, retirement. Even then, we hear of roof jumpers in Berlin, visits by mysterious horses, and an attack by a Chinese python.

This is an extraordinary memoir of an engineer, teacher, actor, father and failed astronaut who tells us funny, dramatic and mysterious stories with a warm and charming wit, peppered with astringent asides.

About 200 pages