A History of the Art of Magic

by T.T. Timayenis

Publisher: JW Publications

Publication Date: February 28, 2016

ISBN: 1230000848275

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 “Magic has often been erroneously considered as exclusively of Persian origin, which error the Athenian philosopher Plato appears to have originated. It is not possible to name any one country as the birthplace of magic. We must look to the continent of Asia, to Asia at large, as its native place. No section of the world is richer than Asia in wildernesses, deep sequestered valleys, mournful solitudes and gloomy caverns ; in fact, its deserts are as numerous and extensive as its mighty rivers and inland seas. The original and the best description of magic art was grounded on this aphorism: “Man may become, by the assistance and co-operation of spiritual powers, and the capacities of his divine origin, capable of a higher sphere of activity, as well without as within himself, which gives him dominion not only over himself, but also over surrounding nature'”