A Historic Context for the African-American Military Experience: Before the Civil War, Blacks in Union and Confederate Army, Buffalo Soldier, Scouts, Spanish-American War, World War I and II

by Progressive Management

Publisher: Progressive Management

Publication Date: June 03, 2015

ISBN: 9781311801036

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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this important work by the Army recognizes and highlights the contributions of African Americans to the military history of the United States. This is accomplished by providing a historic context on the African American military experience for use by Department of Defense (DoD) cultural resource managers. Managers can use this historic context, to recognize significant sites, buildings, and objects on DoD property related to African American military history by nominating them for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. In this manner, civilian and military personnel currently serving in all major services will be made aware of the contributions of African Americans to our military heritage. While the focus of this work is on all-black military units, significant individuals will be recognized also.

Chapter 1 - Introduction * By Steven D. Smith * Background * Objective * Historic Context Research Design * Project Scope * Methods * Report Organization * Summary * Chapter 2 - African American Soldiers Before the Civil War * By Elizabeth Arnett Fields * Early Colonial Conflicts * Service in Non-English Colonies * American Revolution * Blacks in the Armed Forces, 1783-1812 * War of 1812 * Black Soldiers in the Antebellum Period * Summary * Chapter 3 - African Americans in the Civil War * By Keith Krawczynski and Steven D. Smith * Introduction * Northern Attitudes Toward Arming the Black Man * Service in the Union Navy * Blacks in the Confederate Army * Blacks in the Union Army * Confederate Response to the Union Enlistment of African Americans * Black Soldiers Life and Labor * The Martial Spirit * Summary * Chapter 4 - The West 1865-1897 * By Elizabeth Arnett Fields * Introduction * The Creation of Black Regiments * Origin of the Term "Buffalo Soldier" * Cavalry Regiments * Infantry Regiments * Seminole Negro-Indian Scouts * Service in Other Branches of the Army * ...