A+ Guide to Legal Demand Letters

by Alison Plus

Publisher: Four-Ply Publishing

Series: A+ Guides to Writing

Publication Date: November 05, 2016

ISBN: 1230001416459

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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You must write a demand letter regarding a legal problem, either for school, for use in legal practice, or as a private citizen preparing for a possible small claims court filing. This booklet can help you by showing you the complete process of writing demand letter. This practical, systematic method will start with a basic discussion of the purpose of the letter and end with a final proofreading. In between that first and last step, you will learn how to write each piece of demand letter, piece by piece, in the order in which they should appear. These breakdowns show you exactly what to include in different places within the letter. You will no longer need to guess what to write and where to write it. By using the breakdown, the various pieces of the document will work together to create a coherent and complete letter.


How to Use This Booklet

The Example Scenario

Step One: Letter Mechanics

A Special Note About Tone

Step Two: Define the Relationship

Step Three: State the Facts Giving Rise to the Claim

Step Four: Present Any Necessary Law

Step Five: Present the Demand

Step Six: Close With a Deadline

Example Demand Letter

Step Seven: The Final Check

The First Layer: Revising Out Loud

The Second Layer: Sentence Triage

The Third Layer: “Find” Searches

The Fourth Layer: The Fine Points

Appendix: Legal Citation Tips


Statutes and Regulations