A+ Guide to Compare and Contrast Essays

by Alison Plus

Publisher: Four-Ply Publishing

Series: A+ Guides to Writing

Publication Date: February 11, 2016

ISBN: 1230000941532

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This practical booklet can help you write a compare and contrast essay by showing you the complete process of writing this type of paper. This systematic method will start with your assignment and end with a final proofreading. In between that first and last step, this writing method relies upon templates to help you build a well-organized compare-and-contrast paper. These templates show you exactly what to include in different places within the paper. You will no longer need to guess what to write and where to write it. By using the templates, the various pieces of the paper will work together to create a coherent draft.

Follow the steps in order, from the first to the last, and do not skip any along the way. Each step builds on the previous steps. Assignment analysis turns into a table of factors, the table of factors turns into a working outline and topic sentences, and so on. By completing each step before moving on to the next, the next step will be easier. And so will the one after that.

This booklet not only helps you write a complete paper, but it shows you a method to apply in any similar paper that relies on the compare-and-contrast model. Working the steps carefully the first time will teach you the method. Then, when you must write another compare-and-contrast essay, use this booklet as a reference to refresh your memory on the steps and templates. The more you use the method, the easier it will be.

Table of Contents
How to Use This Booklet
Step One: Choose Two Topics
Step Two: The Table of Factors
Step Three: The Working Outline
- Checklist: Four Factors to Consider When Choosing an Organization Pattern
Step Four: The Thesis Statement
- Checklist: Ingredients in a Strong Comp-Con Thesis Statement
- Checklist: Eight Things That Can Change Your Grade
Step Five: The Introductory Paragraph
Step Six: Body Paragraphs
- Checklist: How to Test Paragraph ...