A Guide for Home Buyers

by Valerie Hockert, PhD

Publisher: Justice Gray

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781311137319

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Are You Thinking of Buying a Home?
Learn from qualified professionals in the real estate industry:
• Typical home buyers' questions and answers.
• Guidelines to home mortgages.
• The benefits of master planned communities.
• How to find a good, reliable contractor.
• How to find the right location for your new home.
• How to shop for a garage door and opener.
• That paint sometimes covers up flaws you should know about.
• What to do when you discover water damage.
• How to deal with unclear titles, easement problems, code violations, structural damage, zoning, faulty sea walls, leaking roofs, termites, cracked pools, and more.
• How an engineering report can plan a vital role.
• Twenty tips for purchasing large-ticket items.
• About crime in your new neighborhood.
• How to find a friend in the real estate business.
• What protections that are available to you when purchasing real estate.
• The difference between adjustable rate mortgage and fixed rate mortgage.
• The three methods of transferring the equity in your present home to another home.
• Ten tips to hiring a home contractor.
• What the job of an appraiser includes.
This book is a collection of articles that were written as individual reports for the home buyer. After reading the entire book, you should be well-equipped to purchase that new home.
Happy house hunting!