A Guide To Scuba Diving

by Marcos De Jesus

Publisher: BookRix

Publication Date: December 02, 2015

ISBN: 9783739625928

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Many people interested in scuba diving are those with adventurous spirits. Still others are people passionate about the sea, while others rely on scuba diving as their livelihood. No matter your reason and your interest in buying this book, here you will learn everything you need to know to start your journey in scuba diving.

Before you learn "how” to scuba dive you should first understand what it is and is not.

Scuba diving for many is a sport. It is one that can be fun and undertaken for leisure, or one necessary to advance one’s career.

But, before planning one of those scuba dive trips, get all the scuba diving facts first!

Here is some of what you will find inside your copy of "A Guide To Scuba Diving”:

  • The Ocean - Our Most Unexplored Frontier
  • The History of Scuba Diving
  • Diver Education
  • Different Types of Diving
  • Different Scuba Diving Skill Levels
  • Are You Healthy Enough to Dive
  • Basic Diving EquipmentThe Divers Respiratory System
  • Finding Your Way Under Water
  • Scuba Diving Safety Guidelines
  • About Under Water Pressure and Decompression
  • Gravity Underwater
  • Underwater Dangers
  • Scuba Diving Organizations and Communities
  • Where To Dive
  • Dive Vacations
  • Diver’s Glossary