A Gemstone in the Rock

by Donato Placido & Olga Matsyna
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Publisher: Xlibris UK

Publication Date: January 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781469196435

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Once Bukowski was asked: Do you believe in God? He replied: No, I believe only in horses.

I do not know why we always realize things when it is too late. Ive also bet on horses for a period. But, differently from Bukowski whom I respect so much, I quit horses and bet on God.

Really, I think it is for this faith that I found myself with my back against the wall. Against the wall was the first title I wanted to give to this book. There are a lot of people in the world: tramps, prisoners, all types of emarginated people who are alienated just because, in my opinion, they do not manage to keep pace with a cheering occidental cult of efficiency, to keep up with the rules for which the society, the system did not forgive them. But Christ said: I came to the world for the ill, not for the sane. Thus, is it really true the last will be the first? Maybe, if, as far as I know, a probable God does not consider things the way people do. Anyway, what I have never understood is: there is a baby born from Gypsies and there is another one born from a rich American family. What is the fault of the first one whose destiny is immediately signed? A mystery! So, A Gemstone in the Rock, in its essential message, is an invitation to bet on God as it is the only chance we have in our life.

It is also an invitation to prayto pray more often during the day. Even at work. But without putting the entertainment aside: it gives colours to our life. Thats why the title is A Gemstone in the Rock: life is nothing but a precious stone in the rock: you can observe it in its splendour but you cannot take it with your naked hands. As far as the emarginated people are concerned, let us help them bearing in mind that, differently from what the main part of respectable Catholics think, to help them is not at all a walk of pleasure. I say it with a poem: How much pain I get for a kiss to a poor wretch! This book has got a particular: it is like a human being in the course of ...