A Fool For An Attorney

by Erroll Shepherd

Publisher: Erroll Shepherd

Publication Date: May 20, 2015

ISBN: 9781311001368

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The Los Angeles County jail was infested with drug dealers and addicts, gangs, and racist of all kind, even the public defender’s office. Erroll was falsely accused and arrested by the police. He was no stranger to crime and jail; he had been in trouble many times before and was in every juvenile facility in Los Angeles as a youth. State and Federal prison also became familiar terrain, but this time he was innocent.
This was the worst attorney/client disconnection he had ever seen. The days of Perry Mason's and Johnny Cochran's was over, there was no way that Erroll was going to let a public defender represent him in court. After a few rounds of brain wrestling, and locking horns with his public defender, Erroll fired him and became his own attorney.
During Erroll's grueling court battle without an attorney, his homegirl, a.k.a. Foxy, was always a sight for sore eyes when he entered the courtroom. Erroll never could understand why Foxy remained so loyal to him, or why her love never wavered. Even though Foxy didn't want Erroll to fight the State without an attorney, she had his back and supported him, win, loose, or draw.
Little did Erroll know, he would be in one of, if not the biggest, fight of his life. And while he fought his legal battles, he would also be in jail fighting for his life against gangs, corrupt jailers, race riots, and California's three strikes law. He had equally as much to win, as he had to loose, his freedom, and Foxy's love for him, that he never recognized until then.
Erroll's triumphs and defeats in the courtroom, and jail, will move and stun you, while Foxy's unwavering love, and commitment, will romance and woo you to tears.