A Fisherman's Angles

by Patrick R. Chalmers

Publisher: Read Books Ltd.

Publication Date: September 15, 2017

ISBN: 9781473340497

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This vintage book contains a wonderful collection of useful fishing tips and instructions, authentic anecdotes, and Chalmer's classic fishing poetry. "A Fisherman's Angles" is recommended for those with a practical interest in angling, and it would make for a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys fishing. Contents include: "A Fisherman's Angles", "On Little Fish Being Sweet", "McNair", "The Char", "The Knights in Scales", "The Limit", "A Young Man's Fancy", "A Bit of Binding", "A Soft Answer", "Out of the Deep", "The Sea Trout", "Fancy", "The Grayling", "Forty Years After", "Up in the Morning Early", "'Sing Cuckoo'", "The Coarse Fishes", "Cable and Cobweb", et cetera. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on fishing.