A First Course in Rational Continuum Mechanics: General Concepts

by Truesdell, C.
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Publisher: Academic Press

Publication Date: July 15, 2016

ISBN: 9781483220482

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A First Course in Rational Continuum Mechanics, Volume 1: General Concepts describes general concepts in rational continuum mechanics and covers topics ranging from bodies and forces to motions and energies, kinematics, and the stress tensor. Constitutive relations are also discussed, and some definitions and theorems of algebra, geometry, and calculus are included. Exercises and their solutions are given as well.

Comprised of four chapters, this volume begins with an introduction to rational mechanics by focusing on the mathematical concepts of bodies, forces, motions, and energies. Systems that provide possible universes for mechanics are described. The next chapter explores kinematics, with emphasis on bodies, placements, and motions as well as other relevant concepts like local deformation and homogeneous transplacement. The book also considers the stress tensor and Cauchy's fundamental theorem before concluding with a discussion on constitutive relations.

This monograph is designed for students taking a course in mathematics or physics.