A Field Study of Cats

by April Rhodes - James
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781493163540

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Cats are affectionate and loyal. They form deep relationships with humans, dogs and other cats. When given half a chance, they reveal wonderfully unique personalities. There are people who are unaware about the depths of feline emotion and who hold the mistaken impression that domesticated kittens and cats automatically switch to a feral lifestyle when dumped on a roadside, in a parking lot or behind a building. In reality, abandonment shock can incapacitate animals; threats and danger often sends them into hiding. Discarded kittens or cats may not find kind-hearted humans willing or able to provide food, shelter and care in time to insure survival, as every cat rescuer or protector knows only too well. A Field Study of Cats offers anecdotes about a small number of the many traumatized cats who have overcome fear and shared their best after bravely crossing an abstract "line of trust" as my family and I waited. Sometimes the process takes only days; more typically, it involves months of gentle and patient encouragement. Hopefully, people who have not yet experienced the honesty of cats and recognized a feline's fundamental right to respect as one of God's most precious creatures will gain insight within these pages. Proceeds are earmarked for rescue groups and compassionate animal guardians (as acknowledged in the book) who selflessly do the right thing every day.