A. Einstein special relativity and equation E = mc2. The two original articles with explanatory and illustrative notes, including missing demonstrations.

by Anna Cerbara

Publisher: Youcanprint

Publication Date: June 27, 2017

ISBN: 9788892672017

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The author of these notes presents two original articles by A. Einstein, published in 1905, on
special relativity and on the mass-energy equivalence relation: E=mc2. She senses, knows, and guesses the difficulties of understanding for the average reader, even if he/she attended high school or university. The work of Einstein is therefore integrated and complemented by a series of explanatory notes ( about 200 ), which include figures, schemes, and the missing demostrations for all formulas and statements. These integrations and complements hopefully make accessible in depth, first of all for students, teachers, and professors, but also for all interested, a work that, originally intended for specialists, has profoundly marked the history of technology, of physics, and of thought for all mankind.