A Divided Universe

by Vernon L. Anley

Publisher: Mirador Publishing

Publication Date: May 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781910104088

Binding: Kobo eBook

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A Divided Universe contrasts the relative merits of science and religion, and concludes that both disciplines are necessary for a proper understanding of life. This book is a rare combination of depth and breadth. A Divided Universe is a book to be read by anyone interested in the human condition and the nature of existence. La Source
A Divided Universe gives a detailed and sustained defence of religion as a rational enterprise concerned with establishing the truth of theological propositions. The author proposes a re-evaluation of science and religion in a way that would provide the basis for an answer to the question of being in relation to the totality of meaning to which ultimately all our statements must be related. This thought provoking book offers a convincing critique of science and theology, and how both can lead to a deeper understanding of existence. Oliver Scott
This probing book is a work of exceptional importance. John Falkiner
A Divided Universe offers a vision of the human condition grounded on an ultimate reality beyond the reach of science. In the process the author develops a metaphysics that eschews religious dogma and empiricism. This is an important book that opens a new chapter to the debate about the origin and meaning of life. J.L. Moore