A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist

by Susan J. Maclagan
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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician

Publication Date: May 15, 2019

ISBN: 9781538106662

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The second edition of Susan J. Maclagan’s A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist presents clear and concise definitions of more than 1,600 common flute-related terms that a player of the Boehm-system or Baroque flute may encounter. Fully illustrated with more than 150 images, the entries describe flute types, flute parts; playing techniques; acoustics; articulations; intonation; common ornaments; flute-making and repairs; flute history; flute music books, and many more topics.

Unique to the second edition are entries on beatbox techniques and muscles of the face and throat. Entries now also feature bibliographic cross-references for further research. Carefully labeled illustrations for many flute types, parts, mechanisms, and accessories help make definitions easier to visualize. Appendixes provide further information on such subjects as flute classifications, types of flutes and their parts, key and tone hole names, head joint options, orchestra and opera audition excerpts, and biographies of people mentioned in the definitions. Contributed articles include “An Easy Guide to Checking Your Flute Tuning and Scale” by Trevor Wye; “Flute Clutches” by David Shorey; "Early Music on Modern Flute” by Barthold Kuijken; and “Crowns and Stoppers” and “Boehm Flute Scales from 1847 to the Present:The Short Story” by Gary Lewis.

Maclagan’s A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist, second edition is an essential reference volume for flutists of all levels and for libraries supporting student, professional, and amateur musicians.