A Degree Fast! For pennies on the dollar

12 Secret Strategies to Help Your Child Get a Degree in Half the Time - at Half the Cost to You
by Shelley Owens

Publisher: Shelley Owens

Series: College

Publication Date: July 14, 2016

ISBN: 1230001229813

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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    Only 10 percent of college freshmen earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. 

   In A Degree Fast: for pennies on the dollar, jobs and education reporter Shelley Owens has a dozen strategies to beat the odds and earn that degree in half the time at half the cost.

   So your children don’t qualify for big scholarships? Use  everyday strategies learned over 10 years from colleges, parents and students to:

  • Earn free college credits in middle and high school– even “C” students
  • Get “extra credit” just before or during the first year of college
  • Avoid college dirty tricks that add to costs, time and debt
  • Cut college costs by up to $48,000 while other students borrow $30,000 or  more on average.
  • Learn to differentiate between what admissions counselors say and what they really mean.

In this 2016 Bonus Edition, you also get "Big Data Big Careers Bigger Paychecks: The free software  that is revolutionizing  work for everyday workers," "Is a Degree for Me? Well-paid Careers That Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree," and "How to NOT Be a College Dropout: 12 Dropout Predictors &  6 Tips for Getting from Matriculation to Graduation." The Big Data booklet may be worth the price by itself.

Kudos from family finance author Danny Kofke

"The number one issue preventing most of us from living out our dreams is debt. For younger generations, student loan debt plays a huge role in this.  "A Degree Fast For Pennies On The Dollar" is a great resource for those looking to get a degree for as little cost as possible.  I highly recommend Shelley’s book to every parent looking to help their children navigate the often confusing issue of selecting the right college to attend." Danny Kofke Author -
“A Bright Financial Future: Teaching Kids About Money Pre-K through College for ...