A Dangerous Love

by Linda Louise Rigsbee

Publisher: Linda Louise Rigsbee

Publication Date: June 13, 2017

ISBN: 9781370138234

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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At nineteen, completing her senior year in high school, and looking forward to college and a possible career in journalism, Lisa suddenly faces two major problems. The first is a boyfriend who is involved in selling drugs – a fact of which she has been unaware. The second is the sudden death of her entire family in an auto accident.
Lisa is struggling to find some value in her continued existence when she wrecks her car on a remote mountain road in the wild mountains of Northwest Arkansas. She is rescued by a grouchy young man and befriended by his mother and daughter. Yancey offers her a summer job at his lavish home as a maid for his mother and babysitter for his three-year-old daughter. Thinking it would be better than spending the summer in a home that continually reminds her of her recent loss, she impulsively accepts.
Lisa knows nothing about Yancey or his family and no one is offering any information. Her job is more like a summer vacation and the pay is good, but she begins to wonder if Yancey’s source of income might be drugs. Worse, she is falling in love with him.
Yancey disappears down a path into the forest every day to work somewhere. When he keeps warning her that the forest around them is dangerous, she is further intrigued to discover what is at the end of that path that he doesn’t want her to see. She doesn’t believe his claim about dangers in the forest. The only thing that she is sure of is that her love for him could be dangerous.
Her ventures into the forest reveal disturbing information about a mysterious building and a car that Yancey occasionally meets there. She has to get inside that building and find out if she could have any future with Yancey.