A Daily Dose of Mindful Moments

by Barbara Larrivee
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Publisher: Shoreline Publications

Publication Date: January 17, 2018

ISBN: 9780965178013

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What does it mean to live a mindful life? It may surprise you to learn that it takes more than a meditation practice to act mindfully—you need to develop skills and strategies to intentionally practice what matters most to you. A daily dose of mindful moments is pausing regularly to take mindful action for yourself or others. The good news is it’s easy and takes little time to weave mindfulness into your day.

In this ground-breaking book, Barbara Larrivee blends the science of mindfulness and happiness and offers a wealth of brief, evidence-based strategies drawn from decades of research in positive, cognitive and social psychology and neuroscience. You’ll find more than 100 options for mindful moments to help you stay balanced despite life’s challenges.

With a daily dose of mindful moments you can:

-Bring more mindfulness into every day 

-Develop the skills needed to make mindfulness a way of life

-Live a more mindful, less stressed and happier life

-Tailor your practice to uphold your highest values   

-Add endless variety to your daily mindfulness practice