A Cultural, Leadership Approach, to Mental Health in the Work Place

by Lee Eric Pinnock

Publisher: Talk2Tom Limited

Publication Date: October 02, 2018

ISBN: 6610000111473

Binding: Kobo eBook

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About the Author

Lee struggled for most of his adulthood with a mental illness without actually being aware of it himself. Nevertheless he managed to navigate his way through life. Born in the North West of England, in 2015 his career took him to London as a senior manager for a FTSE company working within healthcare.

As part of his career, he worked in a mental health hospital in Hertfordshire but at no point did he ever realise the extent of his own mental illness until, in March 2017, he was hospitalised and became bedbound with the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome.

He now explains how his life he’d been going at a hundred miles an hour for over 15 years and that his manic moods were part of the hustle and bustle of his daily job. However, when he was no longer able to fly at 100 miles an hour, his illness hit him. He also  went on to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Lee has compiled this book, to support his ex-colleagues and for Directors across the country. Lee was that person in an organisation where nobody around him would have ever have dreamed that he had a mental health problem.

He is so passionate about this topic and convinced that there are many people like him across the country who need help from their employers. He wants to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace and in our communities and to remove the associated stigma.

Lee also dedicates some of his time to the Enabled People charity, a charity that supports people from the ages of 18-40 with advocacy for finance and mental health problems.

Message from Lee

I would like to dedicate this, my second book, to my family

Lee Pinnock