A Cross Section of Educational Research

Journal Articles for Discussion and Evaluation
by Lawrence S Lyne
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Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Publication Date: September 15, 2016

ISBN: 9781351971843

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• This collection of research articles emphasizes topics of interest to classroom teachers.

• The 38 research articles illustrate:
•survey research

•quantitative content analysis

•correlational research

•true experimental research

•quasi-experimental research

•pre-experimental research

•single-subject research/behavior analysis

•causal-comparative research

•program evaluation

•qualitative research

•combined qualitative/quantitative research


• The lines in each article are numbered sequentially, making it easy to refer to specific parts of the article during classroom discussions.

• The availability of a single source of research articles is convenient and helps you avoid copyright infringement problems.

• Factual Questions at the end of each article allow students to check their comprehension.

• Questions for discussion stimulate classroom discussions of research methods.

• After answering the questions, students rate the quality of each article using 13 basic criteria. More detailed criteria in the Appendix may also be applied.

• Ideal for courses in which the primary goal is to learn how to evaluate research.

• Twenty-one different journals are represented in the 38 articles in this collection. Students see the diversity of educational research since the journals vary in their standards for publication.

• New to this edition: Thirteen new articles keep this popular research reader up-to-date.