A Consumer’S Guide to Understanding Qeeg Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training

by Robert E. Longo MRC LPC BCN
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: May 24, 2018

ISBN: 9781532047329

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A Consumers Guide to Understanding QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training is written for the consumers. If you are considering participating in neurofeedback or a parent of a child, a relative, a colleague, or a friend who is looking to participate in neurofeedback brain wave training, this booklet is designed to inform you about the process of being assessed for and participating in neurofeedback. This booklet covers the very basics of what the reader needs to know and understand regarding neurofeedback. What is neurofeedback? How is a person assessed for participating in neurofeedback? What are the benefits? What, if any, are the side effects? How does one know it is helping? Does it require lifestyle changes? How long do the benefits last? What happens if it does not help? And many more such questions and issues are addressed.