A Complete Story of Time

From God to Man and from Man to God
by Deva Prakash Kalita
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: May 11, 2018

ISBN: 9781543702705

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The first three part of this book is to establish a unified theory of creation that will be possible to establish by human knowledge in this century. That is from god to the creation of human. The human being was developed with a large brain and intelligence and developing now very fast with the use of science. But still there exists a huge discrepancy and difference among the people of earth. In this book the fourth part is written to feel that all the human being is same at least in the sense of time. Because, everything in the universe is moving with the time, like the breathing of us. All these are written on the basis of ancient Indian philosophy. There are still a huge scope of study and research about Indian philosophy to reveal some truth for the mankind. The complete story of time is a little approach to reveal the nature of time of this creation.