A Collection of Chinese Proverbs

by William Scarborough

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243811410

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Proverbial Philosophy, if genuine, commands the sufirages of all nations. By common. Consent Asia is acknowledged to be the soil in which it grows to most perfection; and of all Asiatic countries, perhaps China above all others supports and justifies the general opinion. Even a slight acquaintance with the lan guage and people Of this country is enough to convince any one Of its richness in the maxims Of proverbial wisdom. And the closer one's acquaintance becomes, the higher grows our estimate Of the value Of an exten sive knowledge Of this branch Of native literature. By some, mere lists Of proverbs may be treated with contempt, and knowledge Of proverbial lore esteemed a light thing in comparison with skill in other bran ches Of philology; but the man does not deserve to become proverbial for his philosophy, who can in any way discountenance the study Of the folk-lore Of an empire like that of China. The proverbs Of China deserve a careful and enthusiastic study.