A Christian scientist

by Robert E. C. Weaver
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Publisher: Archway Publishing

Publication Date: August 21, 2018

ISBN: 9781480859821

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The inquiring mind seeks to understand the nature of the physical world in which we live and how it got this way. Science has taken us a long way toward understanding the physical laws of the universe and those things that are beyond human control, yet these scientific observations still stop short of addressing the philosophical or teleological question behind these investigationswhat is the purpose of it all?

A Christian Scientist explores this intersection of the physical and the metaphysicalor the spiritualby looking to those scientific truths we know about the physical world and buttressing them with the metaphysical truths of Christianity. Author Robert E. C. Weaver begins with a discussion of the underlying principles governing the universe, as uncovered and defined by scientific giants like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, and links these principles to what we know about creation and the beginning of humankind. In the end, Weaver posits that scientific wisdom and Judeo-Christian ethical and moral guidelines are essential for our lives.

While often seen as contentious or even contradictory, science and religion are in fact complementary pillars of our human experience. It takes one to truly understand the other, and both can function together as the lenses through which we can see the world and ourselves clearly. And by finally addressing the question of the purpose behind it all, we can come to know God and find direction, responsibility, and fulfillment in the lives we live.