A Christian Doctor VS. Homelessness: from Tenthouse to Penthouse

by Sara Harris-Bowditch
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: April 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781504986656

Binding: Kobo eBook

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This novel portrays a fictional story about homelessness in America. This homeless epidemic may have resulted from post-war syndrome, substance abuse, post incarceration stress, or other unforeseen mishaps. In this novel the Christian psychiatrist places God at the helm of her goals for the homeless citizens of America. Also the scriptures in this book will provoke readers to search out God’s plan for every man on earth to follow. This book is fiction but its plans and hopes of eliminating homelessness, and various other mental illnesses have great possibilities. It tells of numerous methods for the willing person to be re-mainstreamed back into society. This is not just another feed the homeless effort, but rather, this story has devised a fool-proof plan to help the poor to feed themselves by working and or becoming business owners. The exciting story takes place in New York. Doctor Hadassah Desoto (Dassah) her fearless bodyguard Stephanas Carter (Step) and some homeless men she tries to recruit, falls into one danger after another. The unpredictable events will grab readers and hold them speechless. The characters will surprise readers as readers try to figure out what happens next. The story tells one adventure after another for readers who like to solve a puzzle. This story will make readers angry and then turn around the next minute and make them smile. There is no consenting sex nor profanity, so that the family can read and enjoy what they all can do to help.