The Enlightenment
by Lillie Sandridge-Hill
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: June 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781475970371

Binding: Kobo eBook

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A CHILD OF GOD: The enlightenment is a short story about God’s love for all his children. Lillie’s story will help you to live a less stressful and clutter lifestyle, which will help you to have a more healthy harmonious life with others. This journey will lead you away from Satan’s grip on your life through his deceitful ploys to corrupt humankind. God loves his children and will help them to find peace in their daily living in his word. Lillie will take you on a journey through each chapter that will transcend you through a brightly lit pathway of feeling loved by the one who created you in his image. Knowing that God is always at your side, and loves you always as a child of his will enlighten the steps you take each day,one day at a time. Lillie’s hope is that for each person that reads her story they will be left with an inspired feeling to travel the path that God has for his beloved children, and as always Lillie’s sense of humor will show you the lighter side to life so that you may enjoy your journey in life alongside others. May God bless your journey.