A Brief History of Time #2

by R White

Publisher: R White

Publication Date: February 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781370967483

Binding: Kobo eBook

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A Brief History of Time #2 - At Last The Truth!
This brilliant sequel demolishes the lies and ideologies of the warring armies of Creationists and Evolutionists with startling new revelations that will rock cherished beliefs just as surely as did Stephen Hawking's original book.
Scientific research and space exploration has progressed vastly since 1988 and now #2 takes the reader into mysteries of biology, archaeology, history and human development just as today's factories, business and the internet are using machines and materials once only seen in sci-fi films. The Bible and its teachings is held up to scrutinity and its false preachers exposed for their lies and perversion.
The belief in human souls and spirit in first, second and even third deaths is explained.
The Frozen Mammoths of Siberia are shown to be the result of natural forces and not Noah's Flood!
UFOs are examined and their origins clearly explained with a plethora of links to evidence
The discovery of Argentosaurus has shown just how massive dinosaurs grew, genetic mutation is now commonplace and seems to promise better nutrition and health, but deforestation and erosion is causing population drift - and the world's money flows into the coffers of the Illuminati.
The author proves that Darwin really does deserve his burial with the great in Westminster Abbey despite everyone who howls about his monkey-to-man work.
Doomsday fanatics procaim 'The End is Nigh!' but Earth seems to spin merrily along its way overcoming every catastrophe just as it shrugged off Noah's Flood the Bible thumpers revel in.
#2 will lead readers through the bewildering events and research of the last 30 years into an examination of the Truth and how to understand what the media reports about today's world - it is essential reading for all the family especially the youngsters in education and the homemakes and providers confused about what or how to plan for ...