A Beautiful Mistake…

by Maya Khandelwal
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: January 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781482810042

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The internal conflict leads the central female character in a roller-coaster ride into her past when she came in contact with Aditya through a wrong phone call. Being a middle-class girl, she couldnt fly in the teeth of moral scruples imposed by society, of course. The reminiscences take her to the various ordeals underwent by her as a girl from the typical Punjabi background who aspired to marry a Baniya guy. Moreover, she was Papas good girl. How could she say she loves a guy other than the one chosen by him? Find out the role played by destiny to bind the sweethearts into wedlock. Wait . . . Does it really work for long? Does the lovers actually live happy ever after? The story tells about Mansi who, amidst the untold joys of her wedded life, feels forlorn. She has a loving husband she yearned and fought for. What then causes her many sleepless nights? The bubble of life may vanish any day. Why not leave a footprint on the intellectual world? She is torn between her liabilities as a mother and wife on one hand and her thirst for self-realization on the other. Should she sacrifice her quest for self-identity at the altar of nuptial happiness? Will the soul mates be reevaluating their special relationship or drift apart due to their separate sets of egos? A question faced by innumerable couples in the turbulent urban life . . .