9th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Biology I: Molecules

by Jonathan Orsay
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Publisher: Osote Publishing

Publication Date: October 01, 2014

ISBN: 9781893858787

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The Examkrackers Biology 1: Molecules Manual provides comprehensive instruction and simulated MCAT practice in biomolecular topics they relate to the functioning of organisms and to human health, to prepare you for questions throughout the four sections of the new MCAT®. Using proven teaching techniques, this manual will prepare you for many of the tested topics in biology that students find most difficult, including enzymes, genetics, and metabolism. This manual also includes a comprehensive review of the laboratory techniques required for the MCAT®. What’s in this book? Explanation of all the molecular biology concepts tested by the MCAT® Expert advice on how to understand science in the MCAT® way 24 questions in each chapter to reinforce the material for maximum information retention Four 30-minute topical exams in real MCAT® format Links between MCAT® topics Biochemistry is found in this manual