Redstone Junior High #3: Dragons Never Die

by Cara, J. Stevens

Publisher: KOALA BOOKS

Series: Redstone Junior High

Publication Date: August 01, 2019

ISBN: 9781743832059

Binding: Paperback

Availability: 7-14 Days

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When Uma shows up at Pixels house over summer break, its not just for a friendly visit. Its to bring chilling news of the Ender Dragons death. Uma now holds the one item that the Ender Dragon left behind, and both girls must protect it with their lives. The girls return to Redstone Junior High, but what used to be a safe haven for students has been ravaged by the Ender Dragons destroyer, Smite, and his evil cohorts. Will the Ender Dragon finally be avenged, or will Smite and his crew wipe out the last hope for a return to peace and normalcy?