9 Amazing Femme-Domme Ballbusters

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: July 02, 2018

ISBN: 9781386344506

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Bunny learned the benefit of being a powerful, skilled butt and ball-kicker. Her ex-husband was out-of-line and he paid a heavy price. While most women can't physically defeat and dominate their ex, Leann can and does. See how the dynamic changes when the woman stands over her scared and defeated ex.

Andrea and Kylee have both discovered the benefits of being ballbusting ladies. These feminine beauties are muscular, elegant and they have a bit of deviousness. These women are kind and sweet but they also love having a man's most vulnerable area right under their heel. You won't believe how gorgeous these women are.

Leanne has a wonderful husband that she loves to Dominate. While she enjoys a tussle, she enjoys it even more when she feels her loving husband's beaten, exhausted body beneath her. See how this kind of female-dominated relationship benefits the man and the powerful lady. This is an incredibly sexy lady that you'll love to see and read all about!

Sierra is a dancer and we all know about a dancer's legs. But make no mistake about it, she's more powerful than most any dancer you've seen. Sierra also has a dominant side and delights in constricting her legs around the fellas when the time is right. If you like sexy, strong, delightfully dominant ladies then this 20-something is for you!

While Kimmie is a serious ass-kicker, Elaina is a more light-hearted lesbian. Kimmie no longer wants a 50/50 relationship as she has seen the benefits of a female-led relationship. She has not just regular relationships, she also has Goddess/Servant situations where her strictness and need to dominate shine through. Elaina has discovered the joy of beating men and now knows that it turns her on! This gorgeous Greek lady wants to start beating men in front of her lady friends!

We end this amazing, sexy ebook with Mara who is one of our reader's favorites! She's a workout warrior but also a fairly typical married suburban lady.