8 Lessons I Learnt Being Faithfully Single

by Winsome Campbell

Publisher: Winsome Campbell

Publication Date: July 08, 2017

ISBN: 1230001755817

Binding: Kobo eBook

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8 Lessons I learnt Being Faithfully Single , offers you real expert advise from Relationship Expert, Author and Speaker Winsome Campbell. In this book Winsome unmasked herself to share 8 brilliant lessons on being faithfully single. 
She teaches you the principles of how to break free and love yourself, owning your success and being authentic. 
For over 7 years Winsome has been inspiring and transforming audiences through her books. Author of the popular self-help book called "The Secret Rules of Self-Love" and over 13 other published books, she has developed a love for teaching personal development and serves as a Keynote Speaker to various organizations and at public events. Her ministry is Faithful Women Movement which is a Global organization that celebrates and encourages women to live faithfully while honoring God with their bodies, thoughts and actions. We promote faithfulness, integrity and self-control. 

Winsome is real, honest, relatable and does not shy away from her truth and experiences. As a professional, she has won numerous awards and is a Certified Advanced Speaker through Toastmasters International. Winsome believes that the 8 Lessons will help to create a new beginning and ultimately a whole new life!